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The History and Focus of our Ministry

A view of our Ministry

Our facility in Detroit allows us to bridge into refugees lives through our programs

  • Distribution of household items for newly arriving refugees 

  • Benevolence for continuing support of the refugee community

  • ESL(English as a Second Launguage)

  • Citizenship Classes

  • Tutoring for Elementary Age Students

  • Special Event Gatherings

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The ministry began in 2017 because of the impact of Bible verses such as Psalm 82:3-4, and the Parable of the Good Samaritan where we as Christ followers are called to care for the broken, the hurting , the battered and left for dead.

Later, a Prophetic word was spoken over us concerning our future work with refugees

As further confirmation, Jesus appeared to Randy in a dream and declared that this is the work Christ has for us and that he will open the door.

Focus of the Ministry

We are involved in Compassion Ministries as we reveal the nature and character of Christ to the hurting refugees of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in the city of Detroit.

We serve refugees from a facility that was purchased through the financial support of churches and individuals.

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