Ministry plan
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With the recent purchase an outreach center (Hope International Center) in the Warrendale neighborhood of Detroit, work has begun to renovate the building to suit the needs of the ministry, as we seek to serve refugees who have settled in this area of Detroit.

 We believe the neighborhood ministry model will build a presence in the community and enhance accessibility to the programs and ministries offered as we become a familiar face in the neighborhood. The types of ministries we would engage in are listed
further down the page.

Ministry Description

We are a ministry that reveals the love of God as we fulfill the mandate for the Christian community to love
our neighbor as yourself. The lesson revealed to us in the parable of the Good Samaritan compels us to show
compassion to the victimized and violated. We are called to respond to their needs and bring healing to their
lives and we accomplish this through compassion ministries.
We currently have 600 individuals and churches who recognize the value of our ministry and are active on our
mailing list. Our support comes from monthly commitments from about 25% of the individuals/churches on this
list throughout Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

Need Analysis

The Worldwide refugee crisis continues, and the United States is one of the leading nations in the resettlement
of refugees. Metro Detroit is the 4th largest area for resettlement of refugees in the United States. The current
climate is a growing migration of refugees resettling in metro Detroit from other areas in the country.

Organization and Management

Operations and management of facility will be carried out by Randy and oversight is provided by an executive
committee made up of four individuals.

Immediate Goals

Relationship Building by:
- Meeting physical needs
- Household Items/appliances
- Transportation
- Showers for expectant mothers
- Outreaches

- World Refugee Day

- Picnics

- Christmas

- Thanksgiving

- Easter

- Holiday cookouts

Continuing Goals

Discipleship Ministry through:

- Cultural mentoring
- Life skills training
    - Financial classes
- After school programs
    - Tutoring sessions
    - Child care
    - Music classes
    - Homework groups
- Health care teaching/clinic
- Job Training
- Character building activities for

   Elementary age Children
- Prayer Gatherings
- Counseling Space
- Classroom space
- Gender specific physical fitness

Long-Term Goals

Multiplication Strategy including:
- Church planting
- Bible Studies
- Alpha Courses
- Short term housing for newly

   arriving refugees

What It Will Take

It will take partners like you who want to be light and love in the world. Partners who will serve, pray and give.

Please consider partnering with us through giving, serving or praying. Let us know how you are interested in helpinby contacting us in one of the ways listed below. If you want to give you can use the link provided here:

Thank you for considering how you might be a part of changing a life through your partnership with this ministry.

Contact us for more information about how to support House of Hope:

Randy and MaryJane Merren

Ministry to Middle Eastern refugees in Metro Detroit